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Executing An International Move: 3 Must-Have Services

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Moving a few miles down the road can be a complicated, time consuming, and expensive task. However, this commonly tackled task pales in comparison to the complexity that can accompany an international move. This is why it is so important for individuals to seek out high quality professional services when planning to move to a new country, either temporarily or on a permanent basis. If you are planning on tackling this task in your own life, the three services discussed below will be essential to a successful moving experience.

International Moving Coordinator

There are so many tasks to complete when executing an international move that it can be difficult to keep up with everything. The problem is, forgetting to complete even a single task on your to-do list can have very serious consequences, such as being turned away at the border because your immigration paperwork is not in order or having all your belongings delayed by customs because you forgot to file the appropriate documents.

Hiring an international moving coordinator will help to ensure that you do not experience these issues during your move by helping you to secure all of the other services you will require, and keeping a close watch over every item on your to-do list. In order to find a qualified moving coordinator in your area, begin by contacting reputable moving companies and inquiring about the availability of these services.

Professional Packers

While simply throwing your seasonal clothing into an old cardboard box and closing it off with a few pieces of packing tape may be good enough when moving these items from your closet to your attic, taking this approach when packing for an international move will leave you dealing with a lot of damaged items once you arrive in your new home.

The process of moving items over long distances, using multiple forms of transportation, can be extremely hard on fragile items. This is why it is essential that all of your belongings are packed properly if you wish for them to arrive undamaged. Taking advantage of the professional packing service that many moving companies have to offer can help you to accomplish this goal.

Self Storage Services

It will take much longer for your belongings to arrive in your new country than it will take for you to make the trip. This is because while you are able to simply jump on a commercial flight that will get you there in a matter of hours, your belongings may be forced to travel by sea, air, and ground before finally making it to your destination. This is why many people begin shipping their items several weeks or longer before they intend to make the move themselves. The only problem is, if you are not there to collect your items when they arrive, they will need somewhere to go. This is where self storage services come into play.

By securing a self storage unit near your new home, you will be able to provide the moving company with somewhere to place any items that may arrive ahead of you. This storage unit will also provide you with the benefit of slowly moving items into your new home rather than being forced to unpack all of your belongings at once.

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