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Correcting Common Myths About Rodent Control

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If you have always thought that your home will not provide shelter to rodents because you are an excellent house-keeper or because you never leave food out, you may be surprised to find that neither of those will fully protect you from becoming a bed-and-breakfast for unwanted, furry guests. In addition, it will also be helpful to remember that although Fido or Fluffy may be able to deter one or two mice from laying claim to your home, they are unlikely to be able to treat an infestation.

#1-A Clean Home Is No Temptation To Rodents

It is easy to assume that because your laundry is up-to-date, dishes are washed promptly and the floors are always clean, that your home will not be attractive to mice. The truth is that even the cleanest home is likely to have something that is attractive to mice and other rodents. For instance, if the garbage can in your garage ever contains food matter and is not cleaned out immediately, the mice from your neighbor's home may want to come visit. Even leaving your pet's food out throughout the day can invite a mouse to come visit. 

If you have seen one mouse, there are probably others lurking around. Given that a mouse can fit into an opening the size of a nickel, professional assistance to get rid of them is usually your best shot.

#2-Putting Food Away Means That It's Always Safe 

Although putting away your food and making sure that all boxes, bags, etc. are closed are great ways to keep mice from investigating them, it is important to point out that mice can often chew through those cardboard or lightweight plastic bags. Therefore, if you have noticed or suspect that you are sharing your home with mice, it is a good idea to consider stronger methods to contain your food.

Heavier plastic boxes with lids that close are harder for mice to chew through. Alternatively, metal boxes with snapping lids or even thermoses for some items will also be useful.

#3-Pets Can Always Get Rid Of Mice

It is very possible that your brave cat or dog could track and kill a mouse.  However, doing so is not a guarantee and could result in injuries to your pet. In addition, since it was previously stated that seeing one mouse usually means others are nearby, a single domesticated pet may not always be able to successfully destroy groups of mice that can hide in nearby walls.  

Instead, a better solution is to consider the use of a pest control specialist to help prevent and treat any infestation of mice.      

In conclusion, rodent control is an important matter that can impact your home and family members in a number of ways. By understanding the truth about rodents, it will be easier to protect against them.