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Home Interior Decorating For Safety

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If you happen to be a woman who lives by herself or with a child, you are the only one responsible for the safety of your home. Whether or not you live in an area that experiences high crime rates, it's a good idea to be prepared. You can use the information here to help you decorate your home and keep it safe at the same time. Naturally, a security system would be a great investment, but these tips can be used with or without a security system.

Secure the Doorway

When you walk in the door, there should be a key rack close enough for you to immediately toss your keys in or hang your keys on. Keys can be great defensive weapons should you ever need them to prevent someone from getting in your home when you answer the door, but you can also use this area to store self-defense items like mace. Couple the key rack and mace with a peep hole and decorative but durable chain lock, and your front door is a little more secure.

Opt for Privacy

When it comes time to decorate the windows, choose your window coverings carefully. If you want privacy, but you also want to enjoy the sunlight coming in from the window, consider cellular blinds. They don't have the gaps that Venetian blinds do, and they come as light colored or black-out blinds so you can enjoy the light or block it out at your leisure. Use the blinds alone or with a valance or curtain for a more decorative look. The double layer of fabric that makes these blinds so effective as insulators also prevents anyone from being able to see inside your home. Companies like Homeplace Decorating have a variety of window coverings to help you find just what meets your needs.

Strategically Place Defense Items through the House

Hopefully you never have to defend yourself in your own home, but it might make you feel a little more secure if you have the ability to do so. Just a few defensive items around the house can be an immense and you can make them part of the decor, like the cellular blinds and key rack.

  • Place a bowl of colored marbles on the table. They look decorative, but you could knock them on the floor to slow someone down.
  • Put bottles of colored water on the window sill. Add a few drops of hot sauce to the water to turn it into decorative homemade mace.

You can turn just about any item in a defensive item if you have to, but hopefully your home security decorating measures won't be needed. In any case, you are the only one who will know things like the fact that you chose cellular blinds for the complete lack of visual gap instead of their insulation value.