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Three Ways To Make The Most Of Your Lawn Sprinkler

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When you live in a hot, dry climate, it's important to make sure that your lawn gets the moisture that it needs. A lawn sprinkler system allows you to spray water throughout your yard within just a few minutes. Use the following guide to learn how to use your sprinkler system as efficiently as you possibly can:

Don't Accidentally Over Saturate Your Lawn

One of the biggest problems that arise from having a lawn sprinkler system is a homeowner forgetting that they have turned the system on. The system will continue to spray water onto the lawn until you remember to turn it off, which could lead to your lawn drowning and dying.

There are timers that you can install on the system to keep this situation from occurring. You can set when you want the system to start spraying water and when you want it to stop.

Ensure Sprinkler Heads Are Positioned Properly

There are some sprinkler systems that have adjustable sprinkler heads. You want to be sure that the heads are positioned in such a way that your lawn is the only thing being sprayed by the water. To check to ensure that the heads are properly positioned, set the timer on the sprinkler system to start to spray at a specific time.

Stand on the edge of your lawn roughly one minute before the system is set to start spraying. When the water starts spraying, look at the sprinkler heads and see where each head is spraying. Make a note of any heads that need to be repositioned and when the system stops spraying, reposition the heads accordingly.

Check to Ensure the Heads Are Not Damaged

There are times when sprinkler heads can become damaged by lawn mowers, children, or even animals. It is best to check the sprinkler heads every few weeks to ensure that they are not damaged. To check to see if a head is damaged, you can look at them closely with your naked eye and look to see if there is any noticeable damage.

If a head is damaged, you can simply use a wrench to remove it from the system and replace it with a head that is not broken.

A sprinkler system will allow you to provide your dry lawn with the hydration it needs to stay as healthy and strong as possible on even the hottest of days. There are water restrictions in some jurisdictions from time to time and the sprinkler system installation can be a great way to ensure that water is evenly spread throughout your yard, even when you can only use a limited amount of it at a time.