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Why You Need To Be Diligent About Cleaning Your Gutters

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If you own a home, you are responsible for the maintenance to keep everything working properly. Part of this maintenance is keeping your gutters clean. If you currently do not clean out your gutters twice a year, it can lead to many problems, which are listed below.


You may end up with an infestation of mosquitoes, or even worse, termites, if you have faulty gutters. These pests need water to live, and it will not take long for them to find it near your home. Mosquitoes can cause disease, such as malaria and dengue fever.

If your roof is damaged enough to cause even small holes, mice can get through them easily. They are first attracted to the water, and once they are on your roof, they will look around for a way into your attic. Mice can eat through the installation in your attic as well as chew through electrical wires and any personal items you have stored up there.

Roof Damage

Gutters are placed along the edge of your roof, and if they are clogged, the water lies right up against the roof, which can cause it to rot. If the water continues to rise, it will flow under the shingles, and then pressed the water against the plywood, which is the foundation for your roof. If not take care of, this plywood will rot, causing not only damage but also water in your attic.

Cracked Foundation

When the water falls to the ground next to your foundation due to faulty gutters, it will cause the soil underneath the foundation to settle in that area. When this happens, the foundation can crack.

Walk around the foundation and inspect it closely. Besides seeing cracks, you may notice the floor inside your basement slopes or is uneven, or you may notice cracks inside the basement on the walls and floors.


When water runs down the side of your home to your foundation, it can leak through the foundation wall. If this happens, the water goes directly into your basement. If you do not have a basement, it will go into the crawl space under your home. You may not notice water immediately in your basement, but if you see mold and mildew growing on the walls and ceilings, a musty smell, rust on the fuse boxes, or wetness on the walls, you need to investigate.

These problems can be expensive to repair, so take time to clean your gutters twice a year. A good time to do it is at the beginning of spring to remove any debris that may have collected during the winter weather, and then again at the end of fall to remove leaves and other debris that may have built up. Talk to a company like Conifer Gutter Service for more information.