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Mistakes That Bring The Bed Bugs Home With You

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When you're on vacation, there is a risk that you will bring bed bugs home with you. Even five-star hotels are not immune to this problem. Luckily, there are mistakes some vacationers make that significantly increase their odds of bringing bed bugs home and if you avoid these mistakes, you will not need to call an exterminator.

Not Heading to the Bathroom

Immediately place your luggage in the bathroom, since this is the place you are the least likely to find bed bugs. Then, you can perform an inspection for blood stains, bed bug carcasses or even live bed bugs.

Not Checking Under the Right Objects

Lift and look underneath furniture and other items in the room. Make sure to lift the mattress in your room to make sure bed bugs aren't hiding underneath. If there is a rug, check underneath. Look at the crevices behind the baseboards. Also, if there are any pictures, check behind them.

Not Inspecting Your Luggage

Always look at your luggage before you leave the hotel room. Bed bugs commonly hitch rides on clothing. Travel to a laundry room and toss all of your clothes into the washing machines. Unpack your luggage in a garage and inspect your clothing and other belongings to make sure that you did not miss any bed bugs. As soon as possible, take off and launder the clothes you are wearing.

Not Using a Mattress Encasement

Bring a mattress encasement with you. These are products that will cover the mattress so that any bed bugs hiding within will not be able to escape and bite you. The encasement should have a zipper that seals the bed bugs inside. Not only will the bed bugs not bite you, but they will eventually die.

Not Cleaning Your Living Space

Keep your home tidy and free from clutter, especially in living spaces. For example, if there is room in a storage shed, place more belongings there. Each hiding place in a living space will attract bed bugs.

Bringing Home Used Furniture

Consider not purchasing used furniture if you frequent a second hand shop or antique shop on your vacation, since some pieces have hidden bed bugs. If you feel the need to, inspect the piece thoroughly and clean it as well as possible to eliminate any hiding bed bugs.

Despite your best efforts, if you still bring bed bugs into your home, you will want to contact bed bug exterminators. These pests are notoriously difficult to eliminate and will need the best treatment options available.