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How To Design Your Trade Show Booth

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If you run a business, you should get used to attending trade shows. This allows you to show presentations of your products or services, advertise your business, and network with others in your industry. Before you attend the trade show, you need to design your booth, including the banners and signs, and the layout of the booth.

Design a Simple and Straightforward Banner

Your banner is a very important aspect of the overall booth design. It is the first thing that people will see, and what will get their attention the most. At trade shows, there are a lot of booths, and the average person most likely won't visit every single booth. You need to use this banner to entice people. When designing the banner, it should be straightforward and explain who you are and what you do. Include simple wording and phrases that briefly explain your company. Include a phrase that shows the benefit of your products or services as well. The design should be simple, using no more than 2-3 different colors or font styles. Pictures are fine, but don't overdo it, or it will become crowded and difficult to read.

Make Your Company Name Visible

Making your business name visible on the banner or elsewhere in your trade booth is essential for multiple reasons. Not only does putting it on your banner allow you to work on a design that entices others to check it out, but it lets the name remain in people's mind. If you are at a busy trade show, not everyone will be able to check out every booth. Some people might glance at yours, but won't have time to grab a business card or brochure. However, they have seen your company name, and might keep it in mind the next time they need services similar to yours.

Allow Room in the Booth for Presentations

Depending on the type of business you have, you might want to show a presentation while at the trade show. For example, if you sell products that you believe a potential customer or client would want to see up close, make sure you have the space and technology in your booth to show presentations. This could be showing how a new product you invented works, or having a screen that shows how your latest app works. Presentations are always a big attention-grabber at trade shows.

Add Furniture to the Booth

You should also create more interest and functionality by adding some furniture items to your booth. These items will help create more space for giving presentations, allow you to have galleries of your work or the actual products you sell, and can give you space for putting out more flyers and business cards. Aside from the long folding tables you will likely use in your booth, consider smaller furniture items as well. For example, you can find some cheap side tables that can be placed in or around the booth for setting additional items. Use one of these side tables to put out a clipboard where you takes names and email addresses of people who stop by, or to put a bowl out if you plan to do a raffle.