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Preparing Your Spare Room For Your Elderly Parent: Decorating Tips For You

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When you have an elderly parent who is all alone in their home, you may decide together with your parent to have them transition to living with you in your home. However, your spare room may not quite be ready yet for your elderly parent to move in with you. In order to make them more comfortable and feel at-home in your home, you may want to take the time to do some slight redecorating before the big move. Get to know some of the ways that you can redecorate your spare room for your parent to move into so that they will be as happy as possible.

Add Framed Family Photos To The Decor

Your spare room may currently have few, if any, decorations. Or it may be a place where you hang all of your old posters and works of art that no longer fit into the rest of the house. However, this may not help your elderly parent to feel at home in their new room.

Replace posters and artwork with framed family photos from your childhood as well as more current photos to help your parent feel a more homey, family-oriented vibe in the room. You may even want to take photos from your parent's home and hang them up to help.

Incorporate Decorative Crosses Into Your Design

If your parent is religious or traditional, they will likely appreciate you incorporating such elements into their room decor. Decorative crosses are a beautiful way to do just that.

You can find crosses in all colors and styles to accommodate both your tastes and those of your parent. Ornate gothic-style crosses add an elegant and luxurious look to your decor while delicate light-colored crosses add a country cottage feel. Decorative crosses can make your elderly parent feel comforted during their transition and as if you are considering their religious beliefs whether you believe in them or not.

While the transition from living on their own to living with you can be a challenging one for your elderly parent as well as for you, the process can be made easier if you work to prepare your spare room with a few alterations to the decor. By redecorating to make your elderly parent's room more attuned to their personal tastes and to their needs, you can make them more comfortable in your home. The more steps you take to make their room feel more like their own home, the better you will all feel and the more you can enjoy living together as a big, happy family.