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The Benefits Of A Self-Storage Unit For Home Business Inventory

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Are you running out of space in your house for your home business inventory? The wise thing to do is renting a self-storage unit for the inventory, as you will then be able to keep the storage space in your house free for your personal belongings. Find out in this article why storing inventory in a self-storage unit is ideal and what it might cost you on a monthly basis.

Why is a Self-Storage Unit Good for Home Business Inventory?

You will benefit from renting a self-storage unit for your home business because it will give you plenty of space for inventory. The units are available in multiple different sizes, so you will have no problem finding one that can store everything. You can actually rent a unit that is larger than what is needed for your inventory, as it will give you the space needed for any additional items that you want stored away from home. Accessing the inventory in your self-storage unit can be done at any time or day that you desire, as a lot of the facilities are open for 24 hours per day.

You will also have the option of renting a unit that is climate controlled for your inventory, which is most ideal for long-term storage. A climate controlled storage unit is beneficial because it will be located inside of a building instead of behind a door that leads directly to the outside (which means more security). A climate controlled unit will also protect your inventory because the temperature will never get too cold or hot to produce moisture. The moisture can come about from a high level of humidity, which can cause damage to products constructed of wood, metal, and leather.

It is easy to keep business inventory organized in a self-storage unit for easy access when a customer makes a purchase. Basically, all you have to do is buy shelves and racks to neatly place your inventory items on.

How are Self-Storage Units Priced Per Month?

If your home business is not that big and you don't have much inventory to store, you may be able to get away with a 5x5 feet monthly rental for $40 plus. An ideal unit size for a large amount of inventory is 10x20 feet that is priced at up to $180 monthly if it is climate controlled. However, there are larger units available as well. Pay for a self-storage unit rental as soon as possible so your home won't become cluttered with business inventory.