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Artificial Turf: 3 Advantages Of Going Artificial

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Artificial turf is becoming more popular for residential properties. Of course, it is often used on sports fields, but it is now a great solution for homeowners, too. This article explains 3 advantages of installing artificial turf in your yard.

Artificial Turf Looks and Feels More Like the Real Thing

Many people have a false assumption that artificial turf looks like plastic. They think that the color looks fake and the blades are too shiny. However, modern turf looks much more convincing and more like a real grass. Furthermore, the turf has lining that replicates the feeling of walking on real grass. The padding usually comes in the form of small proper pebbles that are very similar to real dirt soil. All in all, artificial turf looks very similar to real grass, except that you don't need to worry about browning and dead spots.

Artificial Turf Will Save You Money

As homeowners, we generally use a lot of water to keep our lawns and gardens green. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that, on average, households use use 30% of their water outdoors. Of course, this is much higher in dry, hot climates. Furthermore, much of the water we use to water our lawn with sprinklers evaporates before it even hits the lawn. Evaporating sprinkler water essentially represents money you are wasting. Imagine being able to cut your water bill by 30%. You will instantly start saving money. At the same time, you won't need to spend money on lawn maintenance tools like a lawnmower, seeds, weed wacker, sprinklers and the like. Of course, you will also be saving yourself a lot of time. You won't be wasting your weekends mowing and maintaining your lawn.

Artificial Turf is Eco-Friendly

When shopping for artificial turf, you need to be responsible. Of course, owning artificial turf will automatically make your property more eco-friendly, just by using less water. But, you want to choose a product that is made out of recycled material. The blades, as well as the rubber padding, can both be made out of recycled materials. For instance, the rubber can be made out of recycled auto tires.

Artificial turf is great for any home. It will eventually pay for itself when you consider all the money you will save on water and maintenance over the years. Luckily, artificial turf looks more and more like real grass, so you can rest assured that it will look great. Contact a company like Alpine Rock and Block for more information.