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Unusual Ways To Use Sand For Landscaping

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Sand is a useful tool in landscaping. It can act as an even base for a path or a wall, or it can even out little hills or dips in a yard so that a lawn can be flat. But there are plenty of other ways to use sand in landscaping to build a beautiful and unique yard the neighbors will envy.

Sand Box

If you aren't interested in the plastic sandboxes widely available in toy stores, try creating a more natural looking oasis for your little ones to play in. Simply create a ring of boulders, fill the ring with sand, and you have an instant sandbox that won't fade or crack in the sun like those plastic ones. Just be sure to cover it when the kids aren't playing in it to keep out the neighbor's cat who might be thrilled to find an oversized litter box in your yard.

Fire Pit

Sand doesn't burn, so it makes the perfect base for a backyard fire area. Mark off a small area in your yard using bricks, pavers or rocks and fill it with sand. Put a ready-made fire pit in the center of it or build your own, surround it with a few comfy chairs, and you have a perfect backyard hang-out spot to spend summer evenings when the air cools.

Backyard Beach

If you love being near the ocean but aren't lucky enough to have a house near one, create the feel of the ocean in your backyard. Mark off the perfect spot in your backyard and separate it from your lawn with bricks, pavers or rocks. Plant some tall grasses around the wall to cover it up and create a beachy feel. Fill the area with sand, set up a hammock, and you have your own tropical oasis. To give it a little more authenticity, add a water feature to your backyard beach so you can fool yourself into thinking you're listening to the ocean lapping at the shore.

Zen Garden

Choose an area in your yard where you know you'll want to go to feel particularly blissed out and mark it off with either a rock or plant border. Fill the area with sand or gravel and use pavers to make a path through the area. When you're feeling the need to get away from it all, grab a garden rake, walk along your path and rake the sand into soothing patterns. You'll be refreshed and ready to return to life in no time.

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