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Three Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean With Pets Around

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More than three in five Americans own a pet of some type. In many of these homes, there is also an ample amount of carpet. Unfortunately pets and carpet do not mix. A lot of pet owners treat their pet as a member of the family, but it can be tough when you are constantly cleaning your carpet due to pet urine, mud tracked in from outside, and pet dander. While carpet is not recommended for those households with pets that walk around inside, there are some things you can do to protect your carpet. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet healthy even with pets inside. 

Watch the Water Bowl 

Your pet requires water everyday to stay hydrated. If possible, make sure the water bowl sits on a flat surface like tile or linoleum instead of your carpets. If the water bowl must be on the carpet, then you want to place a mat underneath the bowl to keep the bowl from moving around as much. It will also help keep the extra drops from your pet's mouth off the carpet. Excessive water in the carpeting can cause mold and mildew, so you want to make sure you do not get your pet's water in your carpet. 

Groom Your Pet

Dogs and cats specifically are known to shed depending on the breed. Pet hair can not only cause allergies to flare up, but it can ruin the carpeting. To better protect your floors, you want to make sure you have your pet groomed consistently. Additionally, brushing your dog or cat's hair will help keep the hair from getting everywhere. Because your pet relies on its hair to protect them in the cold and hot weather, you want to be sure to talk to your groomer about the proper length for your pet. 

Start a Flea Treatment

A female flea can lay over 2,000 eggs throughout the course of her lifetime. Once your dog or cat brings in the fleas, they will often take up home in your carpet fibers and other upholstered furniture. It is important to keep fleas out of the home and especially out of the carpeting. Just because you have killed off the fleas that are living on your pet, the fleas in your carpet can quickly get right back on your pet again. To avoid fleas altogether, you want to start a flea treatment for your pets. Since fleas are more prone to come around during the warmer months, you may want to consider starting it right before spring and summer. Also, make sure you vacuum your carpet often to help remove fleas and eggs from living in the fibers of your carpets.