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Decorate Your Living Room With Contemporary Style

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Contemporary decorating is very similar to the mod style in that the emphasis is on clean lines and minimalist décor. However, mod and its industrial inspiration can be considered a subset of contemporary. In reality, decorating with contemporary style is more about creating a chic but comfortable space – which is perfect for the living room. Utilize elements of contemporary style to make over your living room.

Choose a Subtle Palette

An important element of your contemporary living room is starting with a neutral palette. The most common colors for such a palette are shades of brown or beige. Taupe, white, and gray are also very chic for your living room. In fact, a sophisticated effect comes when you opt for a monochromatic color palette. So, you might base your living room in varying shades of one of the above, though you could also choose a single bold color such as blue or green for the foundation. Alternatively, consider painting a single wall a bright color such as red to go with your neutral base.

Pick Contemporary Furniture

The clean lines characteristic of contemporary design should definitely come out in your choice of furniture. Surfaces should be smooth and without carving and adornment. Indeed, Home and Garden TV suggests choosing pieces that are low to the ground with straight legs. Geometric lines are a hallmark of this style.

When it comes to the materials for the furniture, light-colored woods and shiny metals are common. However, the furniture material should be natural, such as linen or silk, and neutral colored. Save the bold patterns for cushions, rugs and window treatments. Finally, look for pieces that offer a slim, geometric silhouette.

Keep Décor to a Minimum

"Less is more" is the mantra for contemporary style. Clutter should be avoided. So, select a few striking pieces to decorate your living room. For example, place a single glass vase on top of your coffee table, and fill it with architectural flowers. Additionally, stick within your chic color palette. So, if you're going for a monochromatic effect, choose a few accent pieces in that same color. Alternatively, choose a single boldly-colored accent piece to make a statement.

Add Select Pieces of Art

Along those same lines, one way to really make your contemporary living room stand out is with modern art. Look for the abstract pieces so characteristic of the style, and have them framed simply. Again, your frames should be within your chosen color scheme. Hang the artwork so it's the center of attention. For example, hang a single large piece over your mantle or sofa. Alternatively, group an odd number of small pieces in the same style on a wall.

Use a subtle palette and minimal décor as a backdrop for your contemporary living room. For more information, visit sites like