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Walk This Way: The Cheap Path To Building A Gate Walkway

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Having a gate around the front of your house is a good idea. If you have a gate that sits in front of your yard, you will also want to create a walkway from the gate to the front door. This will prevent anyone who comes from outside of the gate from walking on your grass and creating a tread pattern that cannot be corrected later on. One cheap way to build a path is to create something from stone. Here are three ways to create a cheap but cute path from your gate to your front door. 

Get wholesale stone

One of the best ways to keep prices low is to purchase stone for your outdoor path. It is best to purchase stones in bulk so that you can get a good deal on the stones. A stone supplier is the best place to procure smooth stones that will work for a walkway. Be sure to ask about the surface characteristics for the stones so that you get a stone that will hold up to your environment and inside of your yard. For instance, if you live near an earthquake fault line, you may need to select a stone that will not easily break. 

Dig a proper path

If you are laying down stone as a walkway, it is good idea to dig in the path that you want to lay down the stone. You do not have to dig deeply, but you want to make sure that the grass is cut low and that the stone can sink into the earth. Be sure that the stones are leveled so that there is no chance of someone tripping while going from one step to another because of a height difference. Last, be sure that the stones are pushed together properly so that there is no space in between the stones. Space between the stones can easily catch a heel or the toe of a shoe and cause a nasty fall. 

Add concrete

If you are selecting a stone that will need some adhesive, you should add concrete to the stone in order to keep it together. You can get concrete that you can mix yourself the add it to the path, then place down the stones. Before the concrete dries, be sure to properly position the stones so that they have no large cracks between the stones. Be sure to block off the area until the concrete dries so that the concrete does not get walked on and worn down. 

For more information and assistance, contact a stone supply company in your area, like Harristone Pre-Cast - Merrillstone Natural Stone Products - G. S. Harris Co., Inc..