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Five Tips And Tricks For Arranging Furniture Around A Fireplace

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If you have a fireplace in your living or dining room, you know that sometimes it can make designing interiors challenging. Often the fireplace is smack-dab in the center of a room, creating obstacles when arranging furniture; however, there are some tactics that can help.

Five tips and tricks for arranging furniture functionally around a fireplace are:

1. Make It the Focal Point

Instead of fighting the fireplace, embrace it! Make it the focal point of the room and don't block it with the sofa or other large furniture items. This draws the eye to the fireplace, so make sure it is styled and looks its best with some complementary accent pieces.

2. Leave Some Space

Make sure to leave enough room to get around the room comfortably. The recommended spacing between furnishings is approximately 30 inches, but around 18 inches between your sofa and coffee table to allow for easy reach of food, beverages, or other items.

3. Add a Chair

A fireplace always looks cozy when you add a simple fireside accent chair. Choose something sleek enough to not take away from the appearance of the fireplace, but make sure that it is something comfortable and inviting for the space. Add a slouchy lap throw for chilly evenings.

4. Which Works Best

Depending on the size of your space, you may have to make the choice between a sofa and a pair of comfortable chairs. You also could opt for a loveseat in lieu of sofas, which tend to take up a lot more room. If the fireplace sits in the middle of the room, try a pair of loveseats anchored on both sides for cohesion and maximum seating in smaller rooms or spaces.

5. Don't Forget the Floor

When furnishing the space, don't forget about the floor coverings. Use sensible floor coverings if you actually use the fireplace, as some carpets and rugs could be fire hazards. Consider natural fiber coverings or durable jute mats.

If you don't have a fireplace in your space but are intrigued about these ideas, consider buying architectural mantles or a fireplace — either gas or electric — for your home. Visit a furniture retailer to learn more and view options.

Got a fireplace? Use these tips for arranging furniture and creating a space with style and a sense of flow. Visit your local or online furniture store to find the right pieces to incorporate around your fireplace or hearth. Contact a company like Chris Furniture to learn more.