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How Propane And Natural Gas Patio Heaters Compare And Tips For Buying One

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If you enjoy spending time outdoors on your patio, you may hate it when the weather turns chilly and you have to stay indoors. A solution is to buy a patio heater. One of these heaters can keep you warm enough to lounge or entertain outside when the weather is cool and uncomfortable. Gas-powered patio heaters come in many styles and sizes. Here are some tips on choosing your heater and how propane and natural gas heaters compare.

Propane Heaters Are Portable

One advantage of a propane patio heater is that you can move it anywhere since it doesn't need to hook up to a gas line or electricity. These heaters are often tall and positioned on a base that holds the propane tank out of sight. However, you can find smaller heaters that sit on a table.

A tall propane heater is an attractive addition to your patio, but be sure to allow plenty of clearance above and around the heater for fire safety reasons.

Natural Gas Heaters Are Convenient

If you know where you want the heater to stay permanently, then you might prefer a natural gas patio heater. If you have gas lines available or if you can have one installed easily, then you'll have a convenient way to operate your heater whenever you need it. You won't have to haul tanks or worry about running out of gas when it gets chilly.

Natural gas heaters can be floor or tabletop models. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, so you can find a heater that blends in with your outdoor decor.

Heaters Have Different Operating Instructions

It's important to read the operating instructions for the heater you're thinking of buying so you can set up the heater safely. You can use patio heaters safely on a patio that has a cover as long as you buy the right size and set it up properly. The bigger the heater, the more careful you have to be. Check the BTU rating, as well as the feet of clearance needed for the heater. If your patio has a low cover, be sure the heater you buy isn't too tall, taking the clearance into account.

The amount of heat put out is determined by the BTU rating. Measure your patio or the part of the patio you want to be heated so you can match the square footage to the amount of coverage supplied by the heater. You should find this information on the patio heaters when you shop for them.

While patio heaters are meant to be outdoors under a patio cover or in open spaces, it's not a good idea to leave a heater exposed to snow, rain, and freezing temperatures all the time when you're not using it. Consider buying a cover for your heater so it's protected from the elements and has a longer life.