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How To Make Sure Your Lawn Tractor Doesn't Damage Your Lawn

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A lawn tractor is the best way to make sure that your lawn is cut efficiently and your property looks tidy. However, if you don't use the right equipment, you might actually cause damage to your lawn.

The Importance of Sharp Blades

Keep your lawn tractor blades sharp and make sure that they're properly balanced. If you do not want to sharpen the blades yourself, you can contact a lawn tractor servicing company for help. Dull blades will give your lawn a more ragged cut and will leave it vulnerable to pests and disease. 

Not having sharp blades is especially a problem if you are also not using proper mowing habits. For example, you will not want to cut your lawn when it's soggy because this can lead to clumps on your lawn. Also, you do not want to cut your lawn in the same pattern because this will wear down your lawn more quickly.

Choose a Lawn Tractor You Know How to Operate

Read the owner's manual so that you'll know how to operate your tractor. For example, you'll want to learn how operating a zero-turn radius mower is different from operating other types of mowers. There should also be instructions in the manual on how to mow on a slope. Do not make any alterations to the safety features found on your mower. 

You will typically want to choose a lawn tractor that is simple. If you're more familiar with lawn tractors, then pick one that you can customize a lot so that you'll be able to make it be what you need. 

Remove Debris from Your Lawn That Can Damage the Tractor

Running over debris can damage your tractor and also cause damage to your lawn. This includes stepping stones and tree stumps. If your tractor becomes damaged, you will never be able to properly mow your lawn.

Once you have chosen the right lawn tractor, you'll want to keep it as long as possible by storing it properly when it is not in use. Make sure to clean it first before putting it in storage and make sure that it is dry. Drain the fuel out of any mower that will not be used for two weeks or longer. Also, make sure to always have your tractor serviced if you notice anything wrong with it such as white smoke.

Use these tips to find the right lawn tractor for your needs.