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Types of Home Heating Stoves For Cabin Style Living

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Cabins come in a wide array of styles and sizes. Some cabins are one-room options suitable for overnight stays, cabin camping, and fishing or hunting groups. Other cabins may have multiple rooms and two or more stories. All of these cabins have one thing in common, they all need suitable heating during the colder months. The ideal option for this heating is to use home heating stoves. The problem may be choosing the type that is best for you. Here are some types of home heating stove options and what to know about each one. 

Wood Burning

Wood-burning home heating stoves may sound like an antique option, but there are several benefits. If your cabin is for hunting and fishing, you are likely in a very remote area. If you are staying for an extended stay and a large winter storm comes in, you may be left with no supply chain for your heating needs. With a wood-burning stove, you have the entire forest as your supply chain. This means you can keep the stove going day and night, maintain the temperature in the cabin, and maintain comfort for yourself. 

Pellet Stove

You may be concerned about having a chimney for your stove. You may also be concerned about cost. If you need a stove that helps maintain a comfortable temperature, but also uses fuel that can work with your budget, pellet stoves may be the ideal option. Pellet stoves do not need a traditional chimney which means you will not need special modifications to the cabin for heating. Pellet stove fuel can be stored in a cool dry area for the duration of winter. The pellets also burn at a slower rate allowing the pellets to last longer. 

Fuel Stove

Fuel-burning stoves are popular with many cabin owners. The fuel stoves use butane or other fuel sources to maintain heat. Fuel is readily available and can be stored safely in storage areas, basements, and barns. If properly maintained, fuel stoves are safe. The fuel stove option is also ideal for larger cabins with multiple rooms as the fuel can be adjusted as needed. If you are in an area that would still have a supply of fuel during harsh weather, this may be the option for you.  

These are just a few types of home heating stoves for cabin-style living. The ideal option is a stove that is capable of heating the space and uses the material that is easiest for you to keep in supply. If you aren't sure what size or style of heating stove is best for your needs, call your local home heating stove dealer. They can show you their showroom and help you decide which option fits all your needs.