Keeping the Story Alive with New Upholstery

Keeping the Story Alive with New Upholstery

Cool For The Summer: 3 Flowers That Thrive In The Desert Heat

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Growing any sort of plant when you live in extremely hot weather – especially if it’s dry heat – can be a struggle, but attempting to grow flowers to make your yard look more colorful and more attractive can be a downright nightmare. However, a lot of the hardship and toil of keeping flowers alive and un-wilted can be avoided by simply knowing which flowers to select for your best results. So if you’re looking for some flowers that bloom best under the baking sun (whether inside or outside your home), then here’s what you need to know. Turk’s Cap As red and bright as a fire truck, Turk’s Cap is suited for whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, be it sun, shade, and even drought, which is relatively common in the desert. Its red flower doesn’t spread apart at bloom, but stays in a tight fist, offering a punch of color that draws both the eye and natural pollinators. This plant won’t just survive in the baking heat – it’ll actually thrive, blooming at the beginning of summer and lasting until the first frosts of winter set in. Bunny-Ear Cactus This plant is even more adorable than its name, which is saying something; this aptly named cactus grows two distinct (and non-spiny) pads in addition to its primary stalk, giving off the appearance of a rabbit. Bunny-Ear Cactus produces yellow flowers during the spring and summer, which are a welcome addition to the (often flat, dry, and brown) landscape of the desert. However, these yellow blooms aren’t alone for long; these cacti also produce small, circular purple fruit as well, so long as they are allowed to grow in hot areas of low humidity but full sun – or, in other words, the stereotypical desert. Autumn Sage Contrary to its name, this flowering plant actually starts blooming in the dog days of summer, giving color and beauty to your yard at a time when few other plants survive. Growing to about two feet tall (and thus easily visible from any vantage point), Autumn Sage has nice, green foliage topped with purple, pink, and red flowers that can attract pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies, ensuring that the beautiful colors of the Autumn Sage will spread around your landscape. For best results, make sure that your plant is getting full sun, and that the ground underneath your sage is able to drain well, and you should have beautiful flowers blooming well into the fall. For more information, contact a company like Shades Of...

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Unusual Ways To Use Sand For Landscaping

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Sand is a useful tool in landscaping. It can act as an even base for a path or a wall, or it can even out little hills or dips in a yard so that a lawn can be flat. But there are plenty of other ways to use sand in landscaping to build a beautiful and unique yard the neighbors will envy. Sand Box If you aren’t interested in the plastic sandboxes widely available in toy stores, try creating a more natural looking oasis for your little ones to play in. Simply create a ring of boulders, fill the ring with sand, and you have an instant sandbox that won’t fade or crack in the sun like those plastic ones. Just be sure to cover it when the kids aren’t playing in it to keep out the neighbor’s cat who might be thrilled to find an oversized litter box in your yard. Fire Pit Sand doesn’t burn, so it makes the perfect base for a backyard fire area. Mark off a small area in your yard using bricks, pavers or rocks and fill it with sand. Put a ready-made fire pit in the center of it or build your own, surround it with a few comfy chairs, and you have a perfect backyard hang-out spot to spend summer evenings when the air cools. Backyard Beach If you love being near the ocean but aren’t lucky enough to have a house near one, create the feel of the ocean in your backyard. Mark off the perfect spot in your backyard and separate it from your lawn with bricks, pavers or rocks. Plant some tall grasses around the wall to cover it up and create a beachy feel. Fill the area with sand, set up a hammock, and you have your own tropical oasis. To give it a little more authenticity, add a water feature to your backyard beach so you can fool yourself into thinking you’re listening to the ocean lapping at the shore. Zen Garden Choose an area in your yard where you know you’ll want to go to feel particularly blissed out and mark it off with either a rock or plant border. Fill the area with sand or gravel and use pavers to make a path through the area. When you’re feeling the need to get away from it all, grab a garden rake, walk along your path and rake the sand into soothing patterns. You’ll be refreshed and ready to return to life in no time. For more information, contact Burien Bark LLC or a similar...

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Correcting Common Myths About Rodent Control

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If you have always thought that your home will not provide shelter to rodents because you are an excellent house-keeper or because you never leave food out, you may be surprised to find that neither of those will fully protect you from becoming a bed-and-breakfast for unwanted, furry guests. In addition, it will also be helpful to remember that although Fido or Fluffy may be able to deter one or two mice from laying claim to your home, they are unlikely to be able to treat an infestation. #1-A Clean Home Is No Temptation To Rodents It is easy to assume that because your laundry is up-to-date, dishes are washed promptly and the floors are always clean, that your home will not be attractive to mice. The truth is that even the cleanest home is likely to have something that is attractive to mice and other rodents. For instance, if the garbage can in your garage ever contains food matter and is not cleaned out immediately, the mice from your neighbor’s home may want to come visit. Even leaving your pet’s food out throughout the day can invite a mouse to come visit.  If you have seen one mouse, there are probably others lurking around. Given that a mouse can fit into an opening the size of a nickel, professional assistance to get rid of them is usually your best shot. #2-Putting Food Away Means That It’s Always Safe  Although putting away your food and making sure that all boxes, bags, etc. are closed are great ways to keep mice from investigating them, it is important to point out that mice can often chew through those cardboard or lightweight plastic bags. Therefore, if you have noticed or suspect that you are sharing your home with mice, it is a good idea to consider stronger methods to contain your food. Heavier plastic boxes with lids that close are harder for mice to chew through. Alternatively, metal boxes with snapping lids or even thermoses for some items will also be useful. #3-Pets Can Always Get Rid Of Mice It is very possible that your brave cat or dog could track and kill a mouse.  However, doing so is not a guarantee and could result in injuries to your pet. In addition, since it was previously stated that seeing one mouse usually means others are nearby, a single domesticated pet may not always be able to successfully destroy groups of mice that can hide in nearby walls.   Instead, a better solution is to consider the use of a pest control specialist to help prevent and treat any infestation of mice.       In conclusion, rodent control is an important matter that can impact your home and family members in a number of ways. By understanding the truth about rodents, it will be easier to protect against them....

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Artificial Turf: 3 Advantages Of Going Artificial

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Artificial turf is becoming more popular for residential properties. Of course, it is often used on sports fields, but it is now a great solution for homeowners, too. This article explains 3 advantages of installing artificial turf in your yard. Artificial Turf Looks and Feels More Like the Real Thing Many people have a false assumption that artificial turf looks like plastic. They think that the color looks fake and the blades are too shiny. However, modern turf looks much more convincing and more like a real grass. Furthermore, the turf has lining that replicates the feeling of walking on real grass. The padding usually comes in the form of small proper pebbles that are very similar to real dirt soil. All in all, artificial turf looks very similar to real grass, except that you don’t need to worry about browning and dead spots. Artificial Turf Will Save You Money As homeowners, we generally use a lot of water to keep our lawns and gardens green. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that, on average, households use use 30% of their water outdoors. Of course, this is much higher in dry, hot climates. Furthermore, much of the water we use to water our lawn with sprinklers evaporates before it even hits the lawn. Evaporating sprinkler water essentially represents money you are wasting. Imagine being able to cut your water bill by 30%. You will instantly start saving money. At the same time, you won’t need to spend money on lawn maintenance tools like a lawnmower, seeds, weed wacker, sprinklers and the like. Of course, you will also be saving yourself a lot of time. You won’t be wasting your weekends mowing and maintaining your lawn. Artificial Turf is Eco-Friendly When shopping for artificial turf, you need to be responsible. Of course, owning artificial turf will automatically make your property more eco-friendly, just by using less water. But, you want to choose a product that is made out of recycled material. The blades, as well as the rubber padding, can both be made out of recycled materials. For instance, the rubber can be made out of recycled auto tires. Artificial turf is great for any home. It will eventually pay for itself when you consider all the money you will save on water and maintenance over the years. Luckily, artificial turf looks more and more like real grass, so you can rest assured that it will look great. Contact a company like Alpine Rock and Block for more...

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Two Tips To Help You Choose The Right Office Chair

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Whether you’re stocking an entire office building, or just need the right seating for your home office, choosing the right chair is important.  You want a chair that is comfortable enough to sit in for extended periods of time so that working won’t seem like such a chore.  However, with so many different brands on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you.  Use this information to learn more about what to look for when you’re picking out your next office chair. Always Opt For The Adjustable Version The first thing you want to look for in a good office chair is one that can be adjusted.  This could be because multiple people will be using the chair, or simply because you will likely need different levels of comfort depending upon which day it is. An adjustable chair comes in many different forms.  You want one that can not only be lifted and lowered, but that also has adjustable arms as well.  This helps if you need different heights so that your chair will be ergonomic as you’re reaching for the keyboard on your computer. In addition, if you choose a chair with a headrest, make sure that the headrest is adjustable as well.  Some days you may want to be a bit more relaxed, so it helps to have a headrest that you can position directly behind your head.  On other days, you need to be erect and alert to complete your job tasks, so you must be able to lower the headrest so that it doesn’t become a hindrance. Choose The Right Fabric As you’re doing your shopping, you may see a beautiful executive chair that is constructed out of leather. Although it looks good, you need to consider whether or not it will work for you.  While leather is easy to clean and has a wonderful appearance, you need to keep your working conditions in mind. For example, if you work in an office space that is typically cold, the leather will do little to keep you warm.  A knit or fabric chair may be a better choice because it will retain heat so you can keep cozy while you work. Choosing the right office chair doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look for.  Keep these tips in mind so you can make the perfect choice when you’re buying your office chair.  Visit a furniture store such as the Office Furniture Barn to try out different...

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Land Surveys 101: Understanding The Basics

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Land surveys may be needed under different circumstances. Here’s a look at land survey basics and the reasons you might need one. What Exactly Is A Land Survey? A land survey is done to determine the location by describing and mapping the corners and boundaries of a particular land parcel. It also denotes building locations and any improvements that may have been made. It sometimes includes mapping the land topography as well. What Is A Boundary? A boundary demarks the artificial or natural separation between two adjacent properties. An artificial boundary is a written boundary put in place by a government entity, such as the Public Land Survey System, or PLSS. This is overseen by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). A natural boundary is one that exists in nature, such as a mountain or a river. How Are Boundaries Created? Most of the time, boundaries are created by a written document that contains specific property descriptions according to the PLSS grid system used in the United States. It starts with 6-mile square townships, which are then divided down to 36 one-mile square sections. This can be further broken down into quarter sections, quarter-quarter sections, and occasionally, irregular-sized lots if the terrain dictates it. A permanent marker is placed at each section quarter and quarter-quarter. These markers help determine property lines and rights. In years past, this may have been crudely marked with a pile of stones or a tree, which can sometimes cause property disputes. Occasionally, property rights are determined by sustained possession of the land for an extended length of time. When Should Your Land Be Surveyed? Anytime You Purchase Land When you buy real estate, most of the time it will already have a legal description. A land survey will confirm (or expose discrepancies) in that legal description before you purchase it. Many times a lending institution will require a land survey to protect their interests if they are providing you funding. If There Is A Conflict Of Interest Sometimes two adjacent property owners may dispute where the boundary between them lies. This is more common if the property holders have owned their land for many years or generations. A professional land surveyor can re-establish the legal boundaries. When You Plan To Subdivide A Parcel If you plan on breaking up a larger parcels into lots, the original boundaries will be determined first. Then the smaller parcels will be divided and their corners marked....

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How To Winterize Outdoor Faucets

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In the winter months, your outdoor faucets are at the highest risk of freezing and bursting, which can have implications inside of your home or in the summer months after the thaw. In order to save yourself the headaches and expense associated with repairs, there are a few simple steps that you can take to winterize your outdoor faucets and prevent the cold weather from damaging them. Disconnect Attachments The first thing that you should do to prepare your outdoor faucets for months of below freezing is to remove any attachments that they may have, including hoses, splitters, or any other form of connection. Leaving these attachments still screwed onto the faucet can trap water in the faucet, which can then freeze and damage the fixture itself. Inspection You should do a visual inspection of every hose bib with the attachments removed to ensure that there are no leaks or drips, or any other signs of damage. If any water is leaking out of your water fixtures, no matter how slowly, you will have to have the fixture replaced, as below freezing weather the water will damage the hose bib anyway, and can cause damage to the pipes inside your home as well. Call a plumber as soon as possible to take care of this problem before the temperature falls. Drain the Pipes Turn off the main water valve to your home, and open up all the outdoor faucets. Let them run for a while, as they will empty all the water in their pipes. Once the water stops flowing, you should close all the faucets again, and turn the main water valve back on. This will prevent the water in your pipes from freezing inside your home, and will preserve your outdoor faucets and hose bibs as well. Insulation Once you have completed the above steps, the only thing remaining to do to protect your outdoor faucets is to insulate them. You should purchase a hose bib cover for each hose bib or outdoor faucet, as they will protect any plastic parts inside the faucet from frost damage. Hose bib covers can be found at most hardware stores, and tend to be fairly inexpensive, though price will depend on the size and model of the cover. Thankfully, these covers can be reused again and again as long as they remain undamaged, which means that they can be used for years to come. To learn more, contact a company like Angeles...

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The Benefits Of A Self-Storage Unit For Home Business Inventory

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Are you running out of space in your house for your home business inventory? The wise thing to do is renting a self-storage unit for the inventory, as you will then be able to keep the storage space in your house free for your personal belongings. Find out in this article why storing inventory in a self-storage unit is ideal and what it might cost you on a monthly basis. Why is a Self-Storage Unit Good for Home Business Inventory? You will benefit from renting a self-storage unit for your home business because it will give you plenty of space for inventory. The units are available in multiple different sizes, so you will have no problem finding one that can store everything. You can actually rent a unit that is larger than what is needed for your inventory, as it will give you the space needed for any additional items that you want stored away from home. Accessing the inventory in your self-storage unit can be done at any time or day that you desire, as a lot of the facilities are open for 24 hours per day. You will also have the option of renting a unit that is climate controlled for your inventory, which is most ideal for long-term storage. A climate controlled storage unit is beneficial because it will be located inside of a building instead of behind a door that leads directly to the outside (which means more security). A climate controlled unit will also protect your inventory because the temperature will never get too cold or hot to produce moisture. The moisture can come about from a high level of humidity, which can cause damage to products constructed of wood, metal, and leather. It is easy to keep business inventory organized in a self-storage unit for easy access when a customer makes a purchase. Basically, all you have to do is buy shelves and racks to neatly place your inventory items on. How are Self-Storage Units Priced Per Month? If your home business is not that big and you don’t have much inventory to store, you may be able to get away with a 5×5 feet monthly rental for $40 plus. An ideal unit size for a large amount of inventory is 10×20 feet that is priced at up to $180 monthly if it is climate controlled. However, there are larger units available as well. Pay for a self-storage unit rental as soon as possible so your home won’t become cluttered with business...

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Preparing Your Spare Room For Your Elderly Parent: Decorating Tips For You

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When you have an elderly parent who is all alone in their home, you may decide together with your parent to have them transition to living with you in your home. However, your spare room may not quite be ready yet for your elderly parent to move in with you. In order to make them more comfortable and feel at-home in your home, you may want to take the time to do some slight redecorating before the big move. Get to know some of the ways that you can redecorate your spare room for your parent to move into so that they will be as happy as possible. Add Framed Family Photos To The Decor Your spare room may currently have few, if any, decorations. Or it may be a place where you hang all of your old posters and works of art that no longer fit into the rest of the house. However, this may not help your elderly parent to feel at home in their new room. Replace posters and artwork with framed family photos from your childhood as well as more current photos to help your parent feel a more homey, family-oriented vibe in the room. You may even want to take photos from your parent’s home and hang them up to help. Incorporate Decorative Crosses Into Your Design If your parent is religious or traditional, they will likely appreciate you incorporating such elements into their room decor. Decorative crosses are a beautiful way to do just that. You can find crosses in all colors and styles to accommodate both your tastes and those of your parent. Ornate gothic-style crosses add an elegant and luxurious look to your decor while delicate light-colored crosses add a country cottage feel. Decorative crosses can make your elderly parent feel comforted during their transition and as if you are considering their religious beliefs whether you believe in them or not. While the transition from living on their own to living with you can be a challenging one for your elderly parent as well as for you, the process can be made easier if you work to prepare your spare room with a few alterations to the decor. By redecorating to make your elderly parent’s room more attuned to their personal tastes and to their needs, you can make them more comfortable in your home. The more steps you take to make their room feel more like their own home, the better you will all feel and the more you can enjoy living together as a big, happy...

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How To Design Your Trade Show Booth

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If you run a business, you should get used to attending trade shows. This allows you to show presentations of your products or services, advertise your business, and network with others in your industry. Before you attend the trade show, you need to design your booth, including the banners and signs, and the layout of the booth. Design a Simple and Straightforward Banner Your banner is a very important aspect of the overall booth design. It is the first thing that people will see, and what will get their attention the most. At trade shows, there are a lot of booths, and the average person most likely won’t visit every single booth. You need to use this banner to entice people. When designing the banner, it should be straightforward and explain who you are and what you do. Include simple wording and phrases that briefly explain your company. Include a phrase that shows the benefit of your products or services as well. The design should be simple, using no more than 2-3 different colors or font styles. Pictures are fine, but don’t overdo it, or it will become crowded and difficult to read. Make Your Company Name Visible Making your business name visible on the banner or elsewhere in your trade booth is essential for multiple reasons. Not only does putting it on your banner allow you to work on a design that entices others to check it out, but it lets the name remain in people’s mind. If you are at a busy trade show, not everyone will be able to check out every booth. Some people might glance at yours, but won’t have time to grab a business card or brochure. However, they have seen your company name, and might keep it in mind the next time they need services similar to yours. Allow Room in the Booth for Presentations Depending on the type of business you have, you might want to show a presentation while at the trade show. For example, if you sell products that you believe a potential customer or client would want to see up close, make sure you have the space and technology in your booth to show presentations. This could be showing how a new product you invented works, or having a screen that shows how your latest app works. Presentations are always a big attention-grabber at trade shows. Add Furniture to the Booth You should also create more interest and functionality by adding some furniture items to your booth. These items will help create more space for giving presentations, allow you to have galleries of your work or the actual products you sell, and can give you space for putting out more flyers and business cards. Aside from the long folding tables you will likely use in your booth, consider smaller furniture items as well. For example, you can find some cheap side tables that can be placed in or around the booth for setting additional items. Use one of these side tables to put out a clipboard where you takes names and email addresses of people who stop by, or to put a bowl out if you plan to do a...

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